We take great joy in helping our clients negotiate the intricacies of Elder Care Law. Our services educate, enable and empower our clients to protect their families’ most vulnerable members from life’s transitions and changes  that occur with aging. Our attorneys are passionate about preparing our clients for life’s challenges through tailored estate planning designed to address complications that occur with child guardianships, medical assistance, issues with long-term care and prevention of financially catastrophic consequences that accompany the use of skilled care.

Estate Administration

We help executors and trustees avoid mistakes and potential liability. We’ll help you deal with creditors, prepare the tax returns, collect and value assets and facilitate timely distribution to the beneficiaries with a written agreement that protects the executor or trustee from personal liability.

Estate Planning

Leave your estate to the loved ones who you wish to inherit, and put the right people in charge! Proper planning can go a long way toward avoiding family disputes. If you don’t have the right documents in place then your estate can pass to the wrong people according Pennsylvania’s intestacy law.

Asset Protection from Nursing Home Costs

Is your spouse entering into a nursing home or skilled care facility? There are federal and state rules that prevent the facility from taking too much. Our firm can complete the Resource Assessment and Medicaid application paperwork on your behalf. You do not need to become impoverished or cash poor due to your spouse’s nursing home costs. We help protect assets from nursing home costs by advocating your rights, legally.

A Very Different Kind of Law Practice

Integral Approach: Estate Planning is about more than the transfer of wealth. We respect family, legacy and history in addition to creating safe passage for the wealth you’ve carefully stewarded. Our alleviates risk and creates opportunities for you to pass on wisdom, wealth and legacy.

Comprehensive Evaluations for Seniors: We offer planning strategy sessions for seniors that evaluate Veterans Benefits and Medicaid, Senior Services in the Home (Aging in Place), Care Planning Advice for Caregivers, Preservation of Assets, enhancement of Income, and Elder care and Estate Planning Legal Issues.

Excellent Legal Care for Children: If your children are still minors, we help you craft careful plans for their legal custody and make certain that the right people are put in place to take care of your kids if you’re unable to get home to them.

A Healthy, Caring Planning Approach: We are a communication first law firm and describe important concepts clearly so you truly understand what you’re doing when you plan.

No Hourly Billing: Our firm charges flat-fees for our planning services so you never have to worry about a surprise bill!

Communication is encouraged from our clients. We want you to know what your estate plan does and enjoy the process!

Complimentary 3-Year Estate Planning Reviews to ensure that as our clients’ lives change, so does their estate plan.

Planning Strategies for Aging Seniors

We are one of the only law firms in Pennsylvania and the South Jersey area that offers a comprehensive planning strategy sessions for seniors that evaluates the following areas of concern. Veterans Benefits and Medicaid, Senior Services in the Home (Aging in Place), Care Planning Advice for Caregivers, Preserve Assets, Enhance Income, Final Years and Elder cares and Estate Planning Legal Issues

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