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We are focused and dedicated to providing providing families with in depth services in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning and Asset protection. Our attorneys are experts in the field of Medicaid Asset Protection and related Trusts. Our firm is dedicated to helping protect seniors and their families by preserving dignity, quality of life, and financial security.

Using holistic and often proprietary approach, our firm uses a vast knowledge, understanding, and deep respect of the elderly to help our elderly clients obtain the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost, which typically involves protecting assets in order to become eligible to have Medicaid and/or Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits pay for the appropriate level of care – be it home health care, assisted living care, or nursing home care. Unfortunately, Medicaid eligibility rules are the most complex and confusing maze of legal rules in existence.

Attorney Evan Farr of the Farr Law Firm rightfully pointed out that the United States Supreme Court has called the Medicaid laws “an aggravated assault on the English language, resistant to attempts to understand it.” Schweiker v. Gray Panthers, 453 U.S. 34, 43 (1981). The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (just below the U.S. Supreme Court), in a case arising out of Virginia, has called the Medicaid Act one of the “most completely impenetrable texts within human experience” and “dense reading of the most tortuous kind.” Rehab. Association of Virginia v. Kozlowski, 42 F.3d 1444, 1450 (4th Cir. 1994). Veteran’s Aid and Attendance rules are likewise also exceedingly complicated and often treacherous to navigate.

The Ravenell Law firm can provide you with expert and experienced asset protection planning and in-depth representation in connection with Medicaid and Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits so you don’t wind up spending your entire life savings on long-term care, unnecessarily jeopardizing your future care, well-being and the financial security of your family. Call us at our Pennsylvania Elder Law Montgomery County office at 800-215-3780 to make an appointment for an introductory consultation. Our practice focuses on Elder Law, Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, and Trust and Estate Administration and we are one of the only Law Firms in Pennsylvania to offer Evan Farr’s Living Trust Plus!

Asset Protection from Nursing Home Costs

Is your spouse entering into a nursing home or skilled care facility? There are federal and state rules that prevent the facility from taking too much. Our firm can complete the Resource Assessment and Medicaid application paperwork on your behalf. You do not need to become impoverished or cash poor due to your spouse’s nursing home costs. We help protect assets from nursing home costs by advocating your rights, legally.

Planning Strategies for Aging Seniors

We are one of the only law firms in Pennsylvania and the South Jersey area that offers a comprehensive planning strategy sessions for seniors that evaluates the following areas of concern. Veterans Benefits and Medicaid, Senior Services in the Home (Aging in Place), Care Planning Advice for Caregivers, Preserve Assets, Enhance Income, Final Years and Elder cares and Estate Planning Legal Issues

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